Watermelon collars, leads & bows.

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Watermelon - collars, leads, bows

Looking for a really quirky collar for your dog?  This design is fabulous and definitely one of my favourites.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the set for you!

So happy to be able to stock these beautifully handmade collars, leads and cute bows!

They come in many different colours and patterns and all are as stunning as each other.  

Imagine how amazing your four legged friend would look in these collars!

Lovingly produced by Casper & Co Leeds using 100% cotton fabrics with nylon inner webbing for additional strength, plastic side release buckles are used in complimenting colours.

Products can be hand washed or machine washed on a cool temperature.

Sizing guide

All items are handmade and therefore sizes are approximate but we aim to make sure they are as accurate as possible.

Collars - sizes are length of collar not neck measurement

large- 25mm x 18-22 inch approx

medium - 20mm x 14-20 inch approx

small - 15mm x 9-12 inch approx

Leads - approximately 1 metre - 110cm in length including

handle & trigger hook .

large - width 25mm

medium - width 20mm

small - width 15mm


small bows are suitable for 15mm collars

med/lrg bows are suitable for 20-25mm collars

It is always the responsibility of the owner to check the suitability of these products for your pet and check for daily wear and tear.