Random Rewards

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These very special treats from THE DOG HOUSE have been formulated by expert dog trainers with over 20 years experience.
Developed to improve behaviour and the only dog treats in the WORLD created by a Michelin-star chef!


- 4 different flavours to keep training unpredictable

- Small sized treats designed for frequent rewarding 

- Dogs will be incentivised to find their personal favourite

- Healthy, natural and tasty ingredients with no added artificial additives or preservatives

- Won't upset delicate tummies, even in high quantities

- Made without wheat and gluten

- Not suitable for small b reeds under 3 months old, due too the size of each treat

- Keep dry and cool

- comes in a 50g tin, perfect for taking out with you and a 220g refill box.


Ostrich with cherry Ostrich, cornflour, molasses, brown rice, liver, potato starch, poultry meal, lentils, glycerine, sunflower lecithin, carrot, gelatine, seaweed, cherry, thyme, citric acid.

Seaweed with orange Seaweed Seaweed (15%), cornflour, brown rice, molasses, potato starch, beet pulp, coconut fat, glycerine, sunflower lecithin, seaweed, orange peel, citric acid.

Venison with Blueberry Venison (55%), cornflour, molasses, glycerine, seaweed, blueberry, citric acid.

Salmon with Trout 80% freshly prepared and gently steamed cooked fish (Salmon 43%, Trout 23%, White fish 12%), potato, sweet potato.

No added artificial colourants

No added artificial preservatives

Formulated without wheat and wheat gluten

Made in the UK and The Netherlands.