Bedtime Biscuits

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These very special treats from THE DOG HOUSE have been formulated by expert dog trainers with over 20 years experience.  

Developed to improve behaviour and the only dog treats in the WORLD created by a Michelin-star Chef!



- Packed full of naturally healthy and calming ingredients

- Can be used to signal bedtime or during times of stress e.g. visits to the vets/groomers

- Refillable tin makes a perfect present

- Healthy, natural and tasty ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives

- Wheat and gluten free

- Complementary dog food

- Keep dry and cool

- Comes in a 250g tin and a 250g refil box


Sweet potato, potato, peas, seaweed, pumpkin seeds, dried egg, lucerne, flaxseed, brewers yeast, duck gravy, duck fat, spinach, lecithin, camomile, green tea extract, cranberries, parsley, ginger, mixed tocopherols, vitamins, probiotic.

Made using only the highest quality natural ingredients

No added artificial colourants

No added artificial preservatives

Formulated without wheat and wheat gluten

Added probiotic to aid in the establishment, maintenance and restoration of a balanced gut flora in dogs

Made in the UK