Recycled Rough & Tough Toys

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Do your dogs believe in tough love, this is for them!

A rough & tough toy that can withstand a chew and wrestle during playtime.

Made from recycled cloth and stuffing, it reuses whats's already here to help keep our oceans clean.

Nature is amazing so we all need to look after it, that is why recycled plastic bottles are used to make the hardy cloth and soft stuffing in these toys.  Giving plastic a second life and encouraging its collection and reuse. 

The panels are woven together with double stitching and reinforced with a second layer of cloth, that makes these toys as hardy as they come so your dog has twice as much fun.

Dogs love a squeaky toy, although for us humans the jury is out! The squeaker in this toy is loud and puncture proof which means your furry friends will go wild for its, plus its likely to hang around for a while!  

These toys have been tried and tested with many canine friends and the definitely approve!

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